you don't need a jacket based on the weather in Belfast, UK 1 second ago

67°F20°C & Cloudy

Wind is 11 mph17 km/h from the SW, gusting to 20 mph32 km/h
June 22
12pm67°F19°C10 mph17 km/h SWCloudy
1pm66°F19°C9 mph15 km/h SWCloudy
2pm65°F18°C8 mph13 km/h SWCloudy
3pm64°F18°C7 mph12 km/h SWCloudy
4pm63°F17°C7 mph11 km/h SWCloudy
5pm62°F16°C7 mph11 km/h SWCloudy
6pm61°F16°C8 mph12 km/h WMostly Cloudy
7pm59°F15°C9 mph15 km/h WMostly Cloudy
8pm56°F14°C8 mph13 km/h WPartly Cloudy
9pm54°F12°C7 mph12 km/h WPartly Cloudy
10pm52°F11°C6 mph10 km/h WMostly Clear
11pm51°F11°C5 mph8 km/h WMostly Clear
June 2148°F9°C67°F20°C10 mph16 km/h from SWMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy
June 2250°F10°C71°F21°C5 mph8 km/h from SWPartly CloudyMostly Clear
June 2354°F12°C73°F23°C8 mph13 km/h from SMostly ClearMostly Clear
June 2454°F12°C73°F23°C5 mph7 km/h from SWMostly CloudyPartly Cloudy
June 2553°F12°C75°F24°C6 mph10 km/h from EPartly CloudyMostly Cloudy
June 2656°F13°C68°F20°C11 mph18 km/h from SWRainPartly Cloudy
June 2752°F11°C67°F19°C11 mph18 km/h from WMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy


Low of 50°F10°C, High of 71°F22°C
Wind: 5 mph8 km/h
Precipitation: 2% rain

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