you do need a jacket based on the weather in Antarctica 1 second ago

Why? Because just don't even bother going out. it's waaayyyy too cold.
-46°F-43°C & Windy

Wind is 32 mph51 km/h from the S, gusting to 37 mph60 km/h
April 12
11pm-46°F-43°C32 mph51 km/h SWindy
April 13
12am-45°F-43°C31 mph50 km/h SWindy
1am-45°F-43°C30 mph49 km/h SWindy
2am-45°F-43°C30 mph48 km/h SWindy
3am-44°F-42°C29 mph47 km/h SWindy
4am-44°F-42°C29 mph46 km/h SWindy
5am-44°F-42°C28 mph46 km/h SWindy
6am-43°F-42°C28 mph45 km/h SWindy
7am-42°F-41°C28 mph45 km/h SWindy
8am-40°F-40°C28 mph45 km/h SWindy
9am-39°F-39°C28 mph46 km/h SWindy
10am-37°F-39°C29 mph46 km/h SWindy
April 12-50°F-45°C-35°F-37°C31 mph49 km/h from SWindyWindy
April 13-42°F-41°C-33°F-36°C37 mph59 km/h from SWindyWindy
April 14-50°F-45°C-42°F-41°C33 mph53 km/h from SWindyWindy
April 15-53°F-47°C-50°F-45°C26 mph42 km/h from SWindyWindy
April 16-52°F-47°C-45°F-43°C26 mph42 km/h from SWWindyWindy
April 17-50°F-45°C-42°F-41°C28 mph44 km/h from SWWindyWindy
April 18-59°F-51°C-48°F-44°C20 mph32 km/h from SWWindyWindy


Low of -42°F-41°C, High of -33°F-36°C
Wind: 37 mph59 km/h
Precipitation: None

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