you don't need a jacket based on the weather in New Delhi, Delhi, 110045, India 1 second ago

93°F34°C & Mostly Clear

Wind is 4 mph6 km/h from the NE, gusting to 9 mph14 km/h
June 22
11am93°F34°C4 mph7 km/h NEMostly Clear
12pm91°F33°C5 mph8 km/h NEMostly Clear
1pm90°F32°C6 mph9 km/h EMostly Clear
2pm88°F31°C6 mph9 km/h EMostly Clear
3pm87°F31°C5 mph8 km/h EMostly Clear
4pm86°F30°C5 mph8 km/h EPartly Cloudy
5pm85°F30°C5 mph7 km/h SEPartly Cloudy
6pm85°F29°C4 mph7 km/h SEPartly Cloudy
7pm84°F29°C5 mph8 km/h EPartly Cloudy
8pm84°F29°C6 mph10 km/h EMostly Clear
9pm85°F29°C7 mph12 km/h EMostly Clear
10pm87°F30°C8 mph13 km/h EMostly Clear
June 2181°F27°C100°F38°C4 mph6 km/h from NPartly CloudyMostly Clear
June 2284°F29°C99°F37°C6 mph10 km/h from EMostly ClearMostly Clear
June 2384°F29°C97°F36°C6 mph9 km/h from EPartly CloudyMostly Clear
June 2483°F28°C96°F36°C7 mph11 km/h from EMostly ClearPartly Cloudy
June 2583°F29°C97°F36°C8 mph12 km/h from EMostly ClearPartly Cloudy
June 2683°F28°C99°F37°C8 mph13 km/h from EMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy
June 2781°F27°C96°F35°C9 mph14 km/h from SEMostly CloudyPartly Cloudy


Low of 84°F29°C, High of 100°F38°C
Wind: 6 mph10 km/h
Precipitation: 29% rain

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